April 29, 2010

My Name Is Score Setter, And I'm An Addict

Far be it from me to recommend you try crack, but have you heard of Bejeweled Blitz? It's a phenomenal, quickfire game distributed by Pop Cap through a dealer known as Facebook.

Bejeweled set a standard for match-three games a long while ago with its rapid pace, colorful gems, and pick-up-and-play style. Blitz takes it a little further by limiting games to one minute matches. Just one minute! It's always frantic playing against an ever-dwindling clock, but limiting it so much really narrows down the "just one more game" scope.

And fighting to be above your Facebook friends on the leaderboard is a big plus too. Allow me to brag with my screenshot above of my best score (note that it was before boosts were introduced). Ego turning off now: 25,000 isn't that bad of a score ::shrug::

-- "I mean, sending me down here to play games! Who does he calculate he is?"

April 28, 2010

I Wanna See Her Morph Ball

Hot on the heels of my emulated defeat of Mother Brain, here are some amazing cosplay pics of bounty hunter Samus Aran. And before you think the title's sick, I meant it as a verb...or something just not sick, sicko.

Besides the famous Metroid killer, you can find some other serious cosplayers with some amazing outfits at Marcelo Colin's flickr page. Altaïr of Assassin's Creed, Hellboy, and some random Darth all make appearances.

-- "My name is Domino Harvey. I am a bounty hunter. You're probably wondering how a girl like me arrived here. What I say will determine whether or not I spend the rest of my life in prison."

April 27, 2010

Law-Abiding Engineer

Did you see Law Abiding Citizen with Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx? Good flick. Well someone decided, "Hey, I think that film trailer needs more TF2!" And then you get Law Abiding Engineer.

I only caught eight of the nine classes showing up though. Where was Pyro? I think she could've played one of those females. But the Scout's death scene? I think he may have Bonk'd! his last victim.

-- "In my experience, Nick, lessons not learned in blood are soon forgotten."

April 23, 2010

Greatest Film I've Ever Seen...In Dutch

Have you ever heard of Ben X? No, not the cartoon on Cartoon Network, Ben 10. It's a Dutch film based on a true story about a teenage boy with Asperger's Syndrome who tries to fight back against his bullies.

Aside from plot synopsis, this film touches social injustice and relates a story through the main character's only attachment to the real world: his online game, Archlord. The actual game wasn't well-received, but it was a useful tool in conveying the effects plaguing the young man's mind. I would never have thought to really love a film constantly displaying MMO graphics. And though I wonder if it relates as well to those who don't have my gaming experience, people were obviously affected enough to offer it up as Belgium's best candidate for the Academy Awards (though it didn't get nominated).

Anyway, I was tied to the character and was empathizing to his forlorn moments. Everything seemed well-constructed, and I couldn't be happier to have seen it. Chalk another one up for Netflix recommendations!

-- "I've never loved anything the way he loves music."

April 22, 2010

JRPG Redux Reduced: Synopsis Quest

Want the killer without all the fluffity, puffity filler? Try Fluffy Puff Marshmallows Synopsis Quest! It's an old-school JRPG not concerned with epic storylines, treasured treasures, or XP grinding!

If you truncated a NES-style Final Fantasy into 25 mini-games spanning about 10 minutes, it wouldn't be better than this. It has humor, excitement, and very few times of frustration (see "Find the Sunken Treasure"). Just remember to have patience with some of them too; they can be stupid-easy if you just wait sometimes.

"Talk to the Princess" and "Act Like a Hero" are my favorites.

-- "The Princess will be up the stairs in the highest room in the tallest tower."

April 21, 2010

Just Cause I Can

I've prematurely gushed over Just Cause 2 for a few months now and can now attest to the absolute fun I'm having with it. There's way too much to do, so it definitely feeds A.D.D. tendencies. Whilst flying to a location on the other side of the island, "Ooo hey, that boat looks fun!" or "Let's crash this into that bridge while climbing onto a car that's attached to another car!"

It's really that silly and features so much more than ever expected. And to get the hang of base jumping and seeing some other achievements, I've resorted to faithful YouTube submissions (which also feeds A.D.D. tendencies). Which is how I found the video below.

Seriously silly.

-- "In 1945, peace broke out."

April 20, 2010

The Star Wars of Iceland

Earth has a plethora of spectacular vistas and events to see, too many to witness in one lifetime. But having the internet helps, right? (You may want to mute that.) Tack on another instance of our amazing world: the recent volcanic eruption in Iceland.

It's simply phenomenal, and the captured images are astounding. I wanna be one of those photographers! But seriously, some of these images look like the emperor just died!

-- "And now, young Skywalker... you will die."