July 17, 2009


Without any other words, the Battlefield franchise comes to mind every time. How many times can Dice make this game and still make it good? Answer: Just about every time.

Thanks to the mess of great reviews, constant talk from friends about it, and me having a Gold account on XBL, I decided to get Battlefield 1943. The demo was all I needed to put me over the edge, as it iterates on 1942 with an updated game engine. I loved that game oh-so-long ago, and I'm loving it again, albeit in a few less maps and simplified skill sets.

It works perfectly for the Xbox platform outside of the Live issues it's had. The same feel I got from the original fills me with glee whilst running over hapless opponents in my jeep or cruising in my tank. The vehicles are what got me to fall in love with it originally, and I can see they kept that in mind for this most recent translation.

-- "You either give me what I need or this switch will stay on until they turn the power off for lack of payment on the bill."

July 06, 2009

Gunslinger, It's Been Far Too Long

Summer Movie Fest:

The new Star Trek - as great as everyone said...a month ago. It reaffirmed my solemn vows to love J.J. Abrams' works.

Terminator: Salvation - Good action and effects. I've never been into the Skynet stories before, and this didn't make me care more or less.

Cold Mountain - Maybe it was the fact that I watched this just coming home after a trip to Gettysburg, but this Civil War era drama was fantastic. And though Renee Zellweger was in it, the film didn't remotely pretend she was pretty. So thanks for that.

Lost in Translation - Been meaning to see this for years, but it didn't wow me as much as I hoped. Scarlett Johansson & Bill Murray were absolutely their characters, but the addition of Anna Faris definitely crippled the great cast (or I was just blinded by rage as always when hearing her voice).

Disturbia - I had heard surprisingly good things and hold no ill-will towards Mr. LaBoeuf like so many others. It was a decent thriller but nothing too enchanting past the thin coat of Hollywood gloss.

Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist - Michael Cera constantly reprises the same, typecast role he was meant to play, and it works here. The inclusion of absurd situations and increasingly offbeat characters rounds out a thoroughly enjoyable film about discovering love.

Son of Rambow - Have you heard of this? Thank you, Netflix, for suggesting such cool films I'd normally pass up completely. This quirky, British comedy ultimately ends with heartwarming flare much like Millions.

Definitely, Maybe - For being a love story starting in divorce, I didn't hate this completely. Ryan Reynolds and a "good" ending considering the travesty formulated over the previous hour saved this from being an utterly detestable film...oh, and the cute kid helped too.

L4YER CAKE - Much like Rambow I hadn't heard of this. It features Daniel Craig in a witty crime story รก la Snatch (with less flair) that proved not all movies allow bad people to get away with despicable crimes.

And finally Seven Samurai - The epic 3.5 hour masterpiece from Japanese auteur Akira Kurosawa didn't disappoint (it even includes an intermission). The only drawbacks on the constant bleating and prostrating of peasants.

-- "And now esteemed effendi, we feast."